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Q1). The principles of scientific management differ from the ordinary principles. Why? Give your comments.
Principles of scientific management are generally different from the ordinary principles.In the case of scientific management the management assume, for instance, the burden of gathering together all of the traditional knowledge which in the past has been possessed by the workmen and then of classifying, tabulating and reducing this knowledge to rules, laws and formulae which are immensely helpful to the workmen in doing their daily work.They generally differ from the following perspective- 1 )Ordinary principles are based on rule of thumb method whereas scientific principlesdevelop a science for each element of a mans work, which replaces the old rule-of-thumb method. 2) Scientific principlesscientifically select and then train, teach and develop the workman, whereas in ordinary principlehe choose his own work and trained himself as best he could. 3) These principlesheartily co-operate with the men so as to insure all of the work being done in accordance with the…

nciples of the science which has been developed. 4) There is an almost equal division of the work and the responsibility between the management and the workmen. The management take over all work for which they are better fitted than the workmen, while in the ordinary one,almost all of the work and the greater part of the responsibility where thrown upon the men. Under scientific management, various parameters like work study,task planning,selection and training,tools and materials,Worker management interrelationships etc.are studied,thereby the management and the execution team are prepared and wasteful areas are identified and improvements envisaged.



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