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Which of the following are included in this year’s GDP? Choose ONE case to answer. Explain your answer.
Question :- Which of the following are included in this year’s GDP? a. Flashy Car Company sold a used car. b. Juanita Jones cooked meals for her family. c. IBM paid interest on its bonds. d. Jos Suarez purchased 100 shares of IBM stock. e. Bob Smith received a welfare payment. f. Carriage Realty earned a brokerage commission for selling a previously owned house. g. The government makes interest payments to persons holding government bonds. h. Air and water pollution increase. i. Gambling is legalized in all states. j. A retired worker receives a Social Security payment. Answer :- GDP includes only the value of all final goods sold in the particular year. None of these would be included in GDP for the reasons listed below. a. Only new cars. Used would have been included in the year that it was new. b. No monetary value is…

d on cooking for your family, or taking out the trash, or scrubbing the dishes. Not included. c. Interest is not considered a form of spending for GDP calculations. d. Transfer of use of money from one form to another. Not a purchase of a final good. e. Transfer payments not included in GDP. f. Used, not new house. g. Interest payments. See c. h. No monetary value. Not a final good. i. This might increase GDP, but just legalizing it does not do so. Gambling at casinos is a service, and revenues would be included in GDP. j. Transfer payment, not included in GDP.



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